The Icon of Dance over 130 Years

With over 130 years of quality craftsmanship, dedicated customer service and timeless design to its name, Capezio is the brand of choice for athletes and performers, the world over. As Capezio evolves and extends into the lifestyle category, it is these artists who will champion the brand and foster its ongoing success among dancers and non-dancers alike. Today, Capezio is the foremost name in dance.

Salvatore’s success

Soon the shop became a meeting place for dancers who would stop by to discuss their needs and pick up a pair of his shoes. As his popularity grew, dancers from around the world made it a point to visit. In fact, Anna Pavlova purchased Capezio pointe shoes for herself and her entire company during her first tour of the United States in 1910. Her generous praise of his work ensured Salvatore’s success.

The beginning: 1887

Capezio was born over a century ago when Italian émigré Salvatore Capezio opened a small theatrical shoe repair shop a stone’s throw away from New York’s old Metropolitan Opera House. The sign above his door read: “The Theatrical & Historical Shoemaker.” On the day he created an emergency pair of shoes for Jean de Reszke, Salvatore quickly made the transition from cobbler to shoemaker.

Family business

Eventually, he entrusted his superior shoemaking techniques to his family. They joined him in the business and the exceptional reputation of Capezio continued to spread. Although the business is radically different today, third and fourth generation family members resolutely continue Salvatore’s legacy of craft, innovation and commitment.

Broadway, fashion, and magazines

By the 1930s Capezio products were dancing across Broadway in the Ziegfeld Follies and in dozens of other musicals. In 1941, Claire McCardell showed the Capezio long-sole ballet shoe with her fashion collection. The enthusiastic response provoked Lord & Taylor, Neiman Marcus and other major stores to purchase and promote Capezio footwear. This trend became so strong that in 1949 Capezio made the cover of Vogue. In 1952, Capezio received the Coty Award, fashion’s highest accolade.

The Capezio Foundation

An eye for innovative products and the camaraderie he shared with dancers were the key to the success of Capezio. In this spirit, The Capezio Dance Award was established in 1952 to honour those who make a long-standing, significant contribution to dance. The Capezio Foundation was established in 1953 to promote and recognise ongoing achievements in dance.

Special Make-up Department hand crafts special
order footwear for mix of performers:

Capezio products have been featured in television
and film productions such as:

Inspire innovations

The dedication of Capezio to providing dancers with technologically advanced, quality tools for their art continues to inspire innovations. Capezio proudly introduced revolutionary footwear to the industry with the Dansneaker®, footUndeez™, tap shoes with Tele Tone® taps and the Rayow system, the Pedini® styles, the acclaimed Fizzion™, the innovative SnakeSpine™ and several favourites made with PowerPointe Construction®. Capezio regards dance as an art form, a lifestyle and an attitude. Capezio is more committed to dance now more than ever.

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